Anysia Sypnicki

Litigation Paralegal

Anysia was born and raised in Northern California, where she currently resides in Chico.

Anysia started her career in workers' compensation in 2009 at a small Applicant's Attorney practice. There, she discovered that she had an interest and drive to expand her education and experience in law, and ultimately earned her Paralegal Certification, graduating with Honors from the Center for Advanced Legal Studies, Houston, Texas in 2016. Thereafter, Anysia worked with a large defense firm in early 2021 where she was able to hone and apply her skills from the other side of the legal field. In 2022, Anysia joined CBE Law Group as a defense Litigation Paralegal.

In her free time, Anysia enjoys exploring the neighboring Sierra Nevada mountains, off-roading, fishing, hiking, and camping with her dog, Willow.