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Proven Results

At CBE Law Group, you will experience proven results.  And, unlike other firms, we can actually support this by tracked case metrics. Our aggressive and thorough approach to claim handling allows us to close cases faster, achieve a higher rate of Dismissals and Take Nothings, and to assert our defense positions to yield lower-costing settlements.




2019-2022 CLOSURE RATE *35% California State Average



149 Days


2 Days


Our Focus

Our unwavering focus is to achieve the most favorable defense outcomes, while always preserving costs for our clients. Our approach counters the prevalent issues in the workers' compensation defense industry of high-volume caseloads, high billing requirements, low quality work product, and inattentiveness to the client.

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through a superior model that prioritizes quality over quantity, aggressive handling over reactive, and a constant drive towards prompt file closures over files languishing on the virtual shelf. Unlike other firms that take on an excessive number of files without managing the quality of their work, we maintain a lower-than-average case count per attorney, a low attorney-to-assistant ratio (typically 1:1), and a firmwide quality control.  Our attorneys respond to correspondence and emails within 24 hours, and consistently meet reporting guidelines throughout litigation, so that our clients are not chasing updates or left in the dark.  

With the ability to aggressively manage our caseloads, we achieve faster case closures, lower litigation costs, and excellent settlement values—all of which is supported by our firm’s metrics.  Other firms boast and talk a good game, but few actually support their statements by statistics as we do.

Working with CBE Law Group

Our experienced attorneys tailor each case to match unique litigation goals, instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach like other firms in the industry.  Our operations and client relations teams provide great support by consistently upholding our firm's values and managing the level of service, to ensure client satisfaction.  

You can expect transparency and clarity throughout the litigation process when working with us.  Our strong attention to detail and our assertive litigation style is proven through metrics that are available to all of our clients.  By constantly monitoring case activity and running detailed metrics, we are able to stay ahead of our case events and provide our clients with advice and problem-solving strategies in advance.  

Our tech-based and statistical approach to case handling distinguishes us from other firms that embody the “defense mill” approach (i.e., quantity over quality), which has unfortunately become increasingly common across the industry.  Unlike those firms, we set forth unique ways to prioritize proactive and efficient case management, saving clients time and money. On a firmwide basis, we ensure that cases do not sit untouched for extended periods, promoting progress and a clear standard of communication at all times. Working with CBE Law Group ensures that claims receive the attention and expertise they deserve.

Service To All Venues

With a team that serves all of California, CBE Law Group is prepared to handle cases at all WCAB venues.

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Proven Cost Effectiveness

We handle cases aggressively and efficiently, minimizing litigation costs for our clients.

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Unique Case Metrics

We know that our clients’ time is valuable, so we employ innovative & unique measures to ensure our case handling exceeds industry standards.

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We operate at the highest standards when it comes to communication. As a result, we are able to offer a 24-hour response time.

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Our Team

Diverse, responsive, effective: a breath of fresh air in the industry.

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At CBE Law Group, we stay educated at the forefront of workers’ compensation legal defense issues, and likewise keep our clients apprised of significant legal issues and developments that may impact their business.