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Proven Results

At CBE Law Group, you will experience proven results.  And, unlike other firms, we can actually support this by tracked case metrics. Our aggressive and thorough approach to claim handling allows us to close cases faster, achieve a higher rate of Dismissals and Take Nothings, and to assert our defense positions to yield lower-costing settlements.




2019-2022 CLOSURE RATE *35% California State Average



149 Days


Our Focus

At CBE Law Group, our unwavering focus is on achieving favorable outcomes for employers while emphasizing cost savings. Through our proactive approach to claims resolution, we not only reduce expenses for insurance carriers but also cultivate enduring business relationships. Beyond claims, we offer continuous advice and support to employers and carriers, ensuring comprehensive assistance every step of the way. At CBE Law Group, we focus on your workers' compensation defense needs

Working with CBE Law Group

At CBE Law Group, we tailor each case to match unique litigation goals, instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach like others in the industry. Our strong focus on details and assertive litigation style ensures precise results. We believe in clear and timely communication, collaborative strategies, and balancing an aggressive defense with cost-consciousness. Our goal is to minimize risks and avoid unnecessary litigation whenever possible.

Service To All Venues

With a team that serves all of California, CBE Law Group is prepared to handle cases at all WCAB venues.

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Cost Effectiveness

We handle cases aggressively and efficiently, minimizing litigation costs for our clients.

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Client Service

We know that our clients’ time is valuable, so we believe communication should be easy.

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Diverse perspectives improve our decision-making, creativity, and insight when it comes to finding solutions for our clients.

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Our Team

Diverse, responsive, effective: a breath of fresh air in the industry.

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At CBE Law Group, we stay educated at the forefront of workers’ compensation legal defense issues, and likewise keep our clients apprised of significant legal issues and developments that may impact their business.