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Philanthropy and Community Service

Season of Giving

One of humanity's greatest values is generosity. Here at CBE Law Group we believe in the spirit of giving and for the month of December, we decided to do a weekly donation to the following organizations:

CBE Law Group is proud to give to Community's Child. This organization was founded in 2005 with nondenominational Christian values and is dedicated to serving homeless women with infants support from abuse, poverty, addictions, and hopelessness.

CBE Law Group is proud to give to 1736 Family Crisis Center. Since 1972, this nonprofit organization has dedicated their time and resources to aiding victims of domestic violence, runaway and less youth, trafficking victims, homeless families, at-risk and homeless veterans, unemployed adults and youth, and other low income community members in need of assistance.

CBE Law Group is proud to give to Richstone Family Center. This program is dedicated to treating and preventing child and domestic abuse and trauma, strengthening and educating families; and preventing violence in homes, schools and communities.

CBE Law Group is proud to give to Toys for Tots. The Marine Corps created this public nonprofit charity in 1991. This program provides ‘hope’ to economically disadvantaged children at Christmas by providing them with a toy. “The basic mission of the Marine Toys for Tots Program is to collect new unwrapped toys and distribute those toys to less fortunate children at Christmas."

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Equality and diversity are core values at CBE Law Group: We believe in inclusive hiring practices, in celebrating the diversity of our team, and in using our resources to support non-profit organizations in our community. We are committed to listening to and learning from diverse voices so that we can continue to improve our efforts in these areas in order to build a more just and equal workplace and community.

This year for Pride month, we reached out to our entire CBE Law team to learn about the Pride and racial justice organizations they believe in and support. In honor of our team, we will be making donations to the following organizations:

We are so grateful to the members of our team for helping us support Pride and racial equality.

Food Bank Fundraising

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

As the pandemic takes its toll on our local community, CBE Law Group is committed to providing meals to those in need in through a drive for the LA Food Bank. A huge thank you to all our friends, family, and colleagues for your generous donations towards fighting hunger and the effects of COVID-19. Our fundraiser total of $3,000, plus the $10,000 donation from CBE Law, means that together we were able to provide over 50,000 meals to those in need.

CBE Law Group was proud to be named one of the winners in the LA Food Bank's Food From The Bar, an annual, month-long fundraising and volunteering effort, held every May. The campaign is a friendly competition including legal firms, law schools and legal services organizations, to see who can raise the most funds, acquire the most food, and work the most volunteer hours for the Food Bank in an effort to feed the children of Los Angeles County who may go hungry in the summer months. Because of the current crisis Food From The Bar has transitioned to a virtual fundraising campaign. All other aspects of the campaign have been postponed indefinitely. Due to the devastating impact of the Coronavirus this year the campaign will support the Food Bank to meet the increased demand for food assistance.

Since the campaign began in Los Angeles in 2009, it has raised more than $4 million.

Schools, Community Sports, and Other Organizations We Support: 

At CBE Law Group, it is important to us to support the organizations and foundations that serve our local communities and especially young people. We are a proud sponsor of the the Hermosa Beach Education Foundation, Hermosa Beach Baseball, Los Altos Youth Baseball & Softball and many more!

The Hermosa Beach USD Fundraiser
Hermosa Beach Little League Sponsorship
         Los Altos Youth Baseball Sponsorship

CBE Law Group is proud to support KIND. The KIND organization was founded in 2008 with a vision of ensuring the well-being of immigrant children who are in need of legal services and protection of their rights as they search for safety. KIND offers a plethora of resources including mentorship of Attorneys who may not have immigration law experience.